EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SC. (WJBF)- A medieval community comes together to clean up shop for their festivities.

“Eastwind is a small community and here we have a campground, that is an event site, with an old-world setting where things are more like into the medieval or middle age,” King of Eastwind Sherman Gills said.

It’s been two years since Eastwind has been able to host events. 

“As the world went to it chaos, it tools its toll because we’re an event ground– event compound– and the events got canceled. So, a lot of things ran down and, of course, people find new things to do so a lot of our core people kind of wandered away, so we’re on this rebirthing over the last year,” Gills said.

And that’s why this weekend they held a Clean-up and Beautification to help get the campgrounds back to its normal state.

“People come in, these are family members or just single people they’re coming in giving us their time, their sweat, their hands, some of their tools– we have some of our own– and we start cleaning this place up and try to get it ready for the upcoming seasons,” Gills said.

Eastwind “King” says it’s a place that welcomes everyone. 

“This whole place is built off of the people who need to create something, and I say we’re a subculture because most of the people here don’t fit in the major cogs of the world around us and they kind of find us– wander in– and the nice ones we let stay,” Gills said. 

And Eastwind Councilman Andrew Wade agrees. 

“We’re a very welcome community, very inclusive community.”

Not only is the campground a place for all sorts of events, movies have also been shot here.

“The SCA comes out here, different forms of larping– Live Action Role Playing for you guys that don’t have your antennas out there, um, but we have a lot of artists, different people, we have a lot of movies being shot out here and that’s kinda my drive,” Gills said.

But before they can get to the fun stuff, they have to do the labor. 

“The first thing we need to do is get the underbrush taken care of, that’s the first big step, and then we are gonna be putting together a bunch of other roofs, construction, getting fencing up, getting other decorations up so we can have more available to set up more attractions, mini games for certain events we’ll be having out here,” Wade said.