AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– A.R. Johnson students focus on STEM subjects, and Thursday, they learned life-saving techniques through a simulation with MCG students.

Students on A.R. Johnson’s health track are usually across the street from their school at the Medical College of Georgia for clinicals, but this time around, they’re doing them virtually– in their own classroom.

“Knowing that someone’s talking from the medical field, it really helps all of us know if we still wanna be in the medical field,” A.R. Johnson junior, Mackenzie Howard said.

Howard has dreamed of a career in medicine since she was little. Those dreams were solidified when she saw her mother’s hard work during the pandemic.

“My mom is a respiratory therapist, and she’s helped a lot during the COVID times, and she comes home and tells us about how she helps the patients and stuff,” Howard said. “She really inspires me to become in the medical field.”

And because of these exercises at A.R. Johnson, students like Howard get to learn more about the field.

“The ideal world, they would come into our simulation center and they would be hands on doing press compressions themselves and applying everything that we’re teaching them, but today we really wanted to just get them to feel engaged and feel empowered in the conversation,” fourth year MCG student, Stephanie Wahab said.

During the simulation Thursday, students learned of the dangers of texting and driving, and life saving techniques for someone who has been in a crash.

While Wahab was in the classroom, her colleagues joined virtually.

“It was important to me for me to actually be here because then I could personally engage them and talk to them about questions that they have,” Wahab said. “I think if there hadn’t been someone here to talk to them, it would’ve been hard to deliver that same effect virtually. But I think for the purposes of showing them the simulation, and that there’s a whole team that’s really here inspire them and encourage them, I think that that virtual component accomplished its purpose.”