NORTH AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s the most wonderful time of the year if you’re a medical student in your final semester.

On Friday, the Medical College of Georgia hosted their Match Day ceremony at SRP Park. 

It’s an exciting time for medical students across the nation. MCG’s class of 2023- whose first year was affected by the COVID pandemic- tell us they feel “blessed” to have attended The Medical College of Georgia. 

“I think the first word that comes to mind is ‘family’, right?” said Idris Ali, president of MCG’s class of 2023. “I think that every single one of these- my classmates- I think, first and foremost, they’re my brothers and my sisters.”

Donned in their best costumes, MCG’s class of 2023 piled into SRP Park with excited anticipation. 

With envelopes in hand, many reminisced on great memories from the past few years.  

“Just leaving here,” said Dilys Osei, MCG class of 2023. “I think, looking back, it’s going to be very emotional just looking back on how we’ve grown as people and did it all together.”

Dilys and partner/fellow classmate, Akwasi Aduboffour, say that, despite the COVID pandemic interrupting their first year, they were made stronger because of it.

“We’re both going to…Johns Hopkins!” said Osei and Aduboffour. 

Student Stephanie Shapiro says her experience at the regional campus in Albany helped her recognize the desperate need for medical professionals in Georgia.

“I am going to Tulane School of Medicine in New Orleans for a triple board,” said Shapiro. “So, I will be doing pediatrics, psychiatry and child psychiatry. And I am so excited- I’m just thrilled.” 

“I remember one of the quotes they told us: ‘the days are long, but the years are short’,” said Aduboffour. “Today, like, showed how much I feel that. You know, I’ve been taking it one day at a time, you know, to get here. It’s, like, the culmination of all of the emotions-like she said- the ups and the downs, the long days and the good days. So, it just feels wonderful, you know, to actually, like, see all the hard work come to fruition.”

Class president Idris Ali tells us he feels grateful to be a part of MCG’s class of 2023.

“The entire group of students is just absolutely phenomenal,” said Ali. “I mean, I think the future of medicine is in such great hands with all of them.” 

Making it above the national average, 99% of MCG graduates now have a residency position at top-tier programs, including programs at MCG. And from the looks of it, it’s a perfect match for many.