MCCORMICK, S.C. – A new series on HGTV called ‘Home Town Takeover’ is looking for small historic towns to renovate. McCormick County residents rallied together to voice their concerns on renovations they need and show why HGTV should pick their home town.

“We’re proud of this town. And these people deserve it and especially these young people. They deserve it, because they want to stay here..a lot of them,” says Janie Martin, the head of McCormick’s HGTV Home Town Takeover Committee.

The city of McCormick all stood together for one cause…to see change and growth in their community.

“We have trains that come through, but they don’t stop anymore and they use to stop 6 times a day letting off passengers,” says Vacki Laeck, who lives in McCormick.

In order to attract more outsiders and retain residents, the community says the city’s infrastructure needs to change.

McCormick County Chamber of Commerce submitted its HGTV home town takeover video and written submission in hopes to get renovations to upgrade the city’s culture.

People tell us some of the updates they want to see for their main street buildings in order to preserve the history of McCormick.

“Historic houses have fallen behind in repairs, with such old and great history,” says Michael Barron, Chief of McCormick’s Fire Department.

“We need to have something..clean up the abandoned houses and the abandoned cars and trucks and make McCormick more appealing,” says Lynn Flom, who lives in McCormick.

“We have a lot of small communities around us. If we could connect with them and have one performing center, then that would really bring people here and help generate revenue,” says Laeck.

Residents also share that they want more places to shop instead of having to commute to nearby cities.

McCormick’s mayor Roy Smith says McCormick is a special town and its important to get this done to keep youth in the area.

“The chant today was if you are not McCormick then you’re no where because we have something to offer for everybody. We want people to come in and see what we have and we want to advertise and let people know that we have great things, great people and want the exposure,” says Mayor Roy Smith.