McCormick County schools to reopen Friday following water main break


MCCORMICK, S.C. (WJBF) — A boil water advisory is in effect for a portion of McCormick County, South Carolina following a water main break.

“I just heard we were going to be out of school,” Jay’vaian Johnson told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk.

Johnson is one of the nearly thousand McCormick County students out of school Thursday following the water main break.  Students who were in route to school were sent home. Those who didn’t arrive prior to the notification were asked to remain home.

“We had a ten-inch water line break that had a split in the line,” Joseph Cade said.

Cade is Utilities Manager for the McCormick County Water and Sewer Department.  He says crews have been working around the clock to get the issue fixed.

“I’m so glad we found this break quick. It took a little time,” he said.

Crews first learn of the incident just before midnight. “After that, we had to wait for all of the lines to be located before we could start digging,” Cade added.

The break affecting a number of homes and businesses in the area all down highway 28 to the Plum Branch Area. A boil water advisory now in effect for people living in that area.

Officials not really sure what caused the break.

“We did find rock among the pipe,” Cade added.  “We are thinking over time, the line may have shifted it or something and caused the crack in the pipe,” Cade also said.

Crews fixed the break just before noon Thursday. 

“We got to digging and got the pipe fixed,” Cade said.

Johnson not really concerned about the break.  He was just happy he can represent the Chiefs Thursday night

“I’m about to go to football practice we have a game today,” he added.

School in McCormick County will go on as scheduled Friday. Officials say cafeteria staff has made preparations for feeding students and staff. 

Bottled water will also be on hand.

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