Mayor’s vehicle issues getting personal?


The vote has been taken. Commissioners approve a Chevy Tahoe for the mayor’s office. 

“It’s still an issue, I don’t know why we’re going through all of this about the decal. He’s adamant about not putting a decal on it but that’s what the rules say,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

Augusta Commissioners have been down this road before, state law requires decals on government vehicles. But it in 2001, Commissioners approved an ordinance that exempts the mayor’s car.

Exemptions are allowed by state law, however it says that a public hearing must be held every 12 months, something the city hasn’t done since 2004.

“The rules say every 12 months that taxpayers are suppose to come together and decide whether to keep it on there or not, he can’t make his own rules,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

“We have more important issues in our community,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But many city leaders don’t see the need for a public hearing.

“I don’t believe there needs to be a public hearing just to determine if the city’s logo will go on the side of the mayor’s vehicle,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“It’s just that people don’t care about how the Mayor has done his business and so they’re attacking the mayor,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

“So it’s a personal fight?” 

“Absolutely it’s a personal fight,” says the Mayor Pro-Tem. 

“I’m not going along with him or anybody else that disagrees with what the rules say now, so it’s not personal. It’s not a personal issue,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“Some of your colleagues think it’s just a personal fight.”

“My colleagues can think what they want to. They don’t know the rules and don’t want anybody else to know the rules. All they have to do is check with the clerk and she will give them the rules,” said Commissioner Williams. 

In an e-mail sent to the Clerk of Commission last week, Mayor Davis addressed the decal issue saying that no public hearing will be required, commissioners are scheduled to get a clairification at Tuesday’s meeting.

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