Mayor’s role in administrator hiring could be reduced


For more than twenty years when it came to hiring a new administrator the city of Augusta by city code custom followed the same process now some commissioners say that process needs to change.

Augusta Commissioners are preparing to search for a new administrator and some are looking at a new way to find one.

“I’m just putting something before the commission to do that I think it’s a process the commission should have more input in right now the impute is very limited,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

According to city code when it comes to hiring an administrator it’s the mayor’s duty to provide three finalist to the commission, with the mayor making a recommendation, but some commissioners say the entire commission needs to be involved.

“So the commission will have the pleasure of creating a process with all of us involved and not just the mayor putting people before us and we make and a decision from his selection,” said Commissioner Hasan.

“Commissioner Ben Hasan has taken steps in my six years of being mayor this is not a new thing it’s certainly disappointing,” said Mayor Hardie Davis

But Hasan isn’t alone in wanting to reduce the influence of the mayor on selecting the administrator.

“We can look at the past what Mayor’s and all that stuff we all need to have stake in the game because this administrator works for the governing body not the mayor,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

“25 years there’s been a process in place it’s worked it has allowed us to have a series of administrators and I think the process should continue,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Commissioners say the mayor would be involved in screening the administrator candidates however he would not be the sole person screening those candidates in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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