Mayoral security detail questioned


Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis is worried about security.

The Mayor meeting with the Marshal last week to talk about the mayor’s concerns over he and his staff being approached when conducting public business

Marshal Lamkin says based on the conversations he will research what other Georgia cities  do to protect their mayors  and staff.

Now some Commissioners agree security needs to be discussed, but are less sure about the mayor having a security guard.

“The conversation of heightened security within our government is a conversation we absolutely have to have individual security detail I don’t know. I would hate to think I need security to go anywhere in my be-loved city,” said Commissioner John Clarke. 

A statement from the Mayor’s office says during the security discussions  with the Marshal and the Interim Administrator last week  there were specific questions about providing a security detail for the Mayor while conducting official business. 

Here is the complete statement from The Mayor’s Chief of Staff Marcus Campbell.

“On Monday, June 3rd, I met with the Sheriff, Marshal, and interim Administrator to discuss security. The conversation was focused on concerns about the personal safety of employees and citizens while on city property and having secured government buildings. This discussion included specific questions about providing a security detail when I conduct official business due to the specific and legitimate security concerns that were raised.”


Marcus Campbell

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