AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It was July 30th when Augusta Commissioners asked the GBI and DFACS to investigate allegations against commissioner Sammie Sias. Allegations that he misspent tax dollars and mistreated children at the Jamestown Community Center. Now nearly six months later, the mayor is asking Commissioners to get an update on the status of those investigations.

It was called for in an e-mail sent out by Mayor Hardie Davis; an update on the Sias investigation, the mayor adding it’s time to bring closure to this.

“Is it time for an update?”

“You know when you ask me that, I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s an on- going investigation, they’re not going to share with anyone outside their agencies. So why are we going to be talking about it tomorrow is beyond me,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

It was back in August when FBI and GBI searched Sias’ home, agents removing computer towers and boxes of materials. Mayor Davis tells NewsChannel 6 he doesn’t know if the FBI is still actively investigating, but commissioners question whether that needs to be talked about in legal session.

“I don’t think it is anything that needs to be discussed at this time, until we get the final results from the agencies looking into the matter. Why should we even discuss it,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

The mayor’s e-mail is also raising eyebrows due to who received it, it went out to only six of ten commissioners.

Commissioner Dennis Williams did get the e-mail but wasn’t aware every member did not.

“I would want to believe it was just done in error because we do have ten commissioners,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioner John Clarke did not get it.

“I would be remiss to think that it was intentional. I just don’t think it was because, there again, I’ve received e-mails that other commissioners didn’t get,” said Commissioner Clarke.

But Mayor Davis is saying the commissioners names that were left off the e-mail was not an oversight, saying it was deliberate. He sent the E-mail to the Mayor Pro-Tem and the five committee commission chairs.