Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Augusta local government election season comes to an end with Tuesday’s runoff every registered voter can take part in the mayor’s run off and half the registered voters also can take part in the District 10 commission runoff. 

 Commissioner John Clarke is seeking a second term as District 10 commissioner but is facing a challenger trying to stop that.  

“He’s running for his personal reasons I’m running for my personal reasons and my personal reasons just happen to be for the citizens of Augusta,” said Commissioner Clarke.  

Clarke is being challenged by former two term commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

‘Guilfoyle entered the race because he says Clarke has not worked well with other commissioners and that has not worked for Augusta. 

“What’s been going on, as of late there’s a lot of controversy that my opponent brings to the floor, and with that controversy it’s nothing positive it breaks relationships,” said Guilfoyle.  

 “I take that has a compliment if my opponent calls me that because too controversial means that I’m being transparent and I’m keeping the public who I work for in the loop,” said Clarke.  

“I’ve seen things decisions have been made, not in the best of the taxpayers when I look at that I am one of the taxpayers in town I don’t see Augusta prospering what’s so ever,” said Guilfoyle.  

 But Advance voting has prospered in this runoff. with more than 77 hundred early votes, easily beating   the last two primary runoffs combined.

Elections official saying the local races like Clarke and Guilfoyle drove the large early vote. 

 “It’s the Mayor’s race and those commission races, I mean you have Commission race District 2 and then you have the commission race in District 10 and District ten of course is the super district and that’s half the county.  

Back in May only 28 percent of Augusta registered voters took part if the election Elections Director Doss, saying he expects a little less than that to vote in the runoff.