Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – As city computers remained down, Augusta I.T. Department director and staff go into a legal session to discuss what happened to Augusta’s computer systems.  

“Ms. Allen, was Augusta cyber attacked?”  

“We will have our discussions with the commission and have some discussions with you as well George,” says Information and Technology Department Director Tameka Allen. 

 The commission legal session lasting 90 minutes.

But Mayor Johnson’s prepared statement confirming the cyber-attack took far less time.  

“We began an investigation and determined we were the victim of unauthorized access to our system our information and Technology department is working diligently to investigate the incident to confirm it’s impact on our systems,” says Mayor Johnson.  

The attack not only put city computers out of business but risks exposing taxpayers’ sensitive information, the city saying this is also being investigated. 

“To determine whether any sensitive data may have been impacted because of the result of this unauthorized access at this time we have not confirmed that any sensitive data has been compromised,” says Mayor Johnson.

The computer breach has created many questions, but the city is not ready to provide any answers. 

“Mayor is the FBI or the GBI investigating this?” 

Though the mayor did not say the FBI out of Atlanta is assisting in the investigation.