Mayor Davis wanted meeting with Governor Kemp on Lock and Dam


Governor Brian Kemp in Augusta’s to talk economic development and cyber but Augusta leaders saying Lock and Dam also needs a conversation.

“Well without question I think it’s the issue of interest to all of our citizens and certainly to the Augusta Commission,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

The Corps decision to demolish Lock and Dam goes against a resolution approved by commissioners, and has prompted a lawsuit by South Carolina to protect the upstream pool.

“As far as the lawsuit our attorney’s are looking at that right now I wouldn’t want to speculate on what action we’re going to take once we get thoroughly through that to see what South Carolina is doing,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Augusta knows what South Carolina is doing, and Mayor Davis had hoped to discuss Lock and Dam with Governor Kemp while he was in town to find out what -Georgia- is doing.

“We are anticipating a conversation soon, it certainly is not scheduled for today, but this is our highest priority,” said Mayor Davis.

Before lunch Governor joined dozens attending a fundraiser for State Representative Jodi Lott.

“Are you meeting with any Augusta officials, The mayor wanted to meet with you.”

” I’ve been on the road for the last two days I haven’t heard from the Mayor he’s got my cell phone number,” said Governor Kemp.

“He was sort of saying you should have called him.”

“I reached out to our Governor,” said Mayor Davis.

“Should the Governor have met with the Mayor and Commissioners on this?’

“He’s the Governor he can do what he wants to I’m hoping the Mayor and the Governor are having conversations we’ll just go from there,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

South Carolina’s lawsuit is to save the pool downtown, Augusta supports that but it could also hamper the efforts to deepen Savannah Harbor known as the SHEP project.

“I’m going to fight very hard to keep the SHEP project going that has been the priority of our state for a long time we put a lot of state resources into that,” said Governor Kemp.

The Corps of Engineers says if requested by the Georgia Ports Authority a taller rock weir could be built at Lock and Dam that would reduce the drop off downtown by a foot but that would cost 27 million dollars.

Governor Kemp saying if that occurred he would be open to Georgia paying a share but said August.a North Augusta and the State of South Carolina would quote need to have skin in the game.

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