Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Starting Friday some of the non essential businesses in Augusta closed for about a month now will be allowed to re-open but this has city officials telling the public it needs to be cautious because visiting the barber or beauty parlor could increase you chances of getting the coronavirus.

Georgia is preparing to get back in business, but with the coronavirus its not business as usual.

“So for those Augusta businesses that are intending to open on Friday under reduce capacity, that includes social distancing, enhanced sanitation, staggered employee shifts, and other precautions,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Mayor Davis saying the Governor’s announcement left him shocked and concerned because Augusta has not reached the peak for Covid cases

“Because we are increasing testing very steadily then we’re going to anticipate we’ll see increase case numbers,” said Dr. Stephen Goggans, Director the the East Central Georiga Health District.

With more cases, and now more places for the public to go, city officials saying they will be watching to see what the re-opening does to the numbers.

“We’re concerned about it will the release cause a second wave we will be monitoring that very closely so when we speak again we will hopefully be able to update you again on what the effect has been,” said Fire Chief Chris James.

Businesses are being directed to take precautions, follow CDC guidelines, but the Mayor urging residents to follow what they’re already doing, and don’t think just because a business is open, t the virus has gone away.

“We cannot do that going back and doing things the way we’ve always done them we will continue to see a spread confirmed positive cases and likely death that will take place,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Mayor Davis saying he talked to Governor Kemp before the briefing saying the governor said the locals will be allowed to enforce the rules the re-opening businesses must follow, with the first step being a warning in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6