Mayor Davis responds “to get a dog”


Mayor Hardie Davis responding to criticism of his request for extra security for he and his staff. .

Citing threats the mayor is proposing getting a non-uniformed “security escort” when he’s out doing public business.

We asked Commissioner Marion Williams his thoughts and he said the Mayor needs to get a dog”Well the mayor needs to do like I did I got a German Shepherd that’s what the mayor needs to do if he needs security I don’t understand that no other mayor had that.” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“So again to engage in the frivolous arguments around I need a dog I have a German Shepherd okay the reality of it is he has a purpose but at home I serve and conduct business in the city,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Mayor Davis has placed On Tuesday’s commission agenda a discussion of security policy and plans for ensuring the safety of employees and visitors to city building.

Right now employees are not screened for weapons entering the Municipal Building.

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