Mayor Davis reacts to Sheriff’s raise request


A major budget battle is still looming  when it comes to money for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office 

As we first reported the Sheriff’s Office requesting 680 thousand dollars for deputy raises.

During last year’s budget session  the Sheriff requested two point four million dollars for raises but only one point seven million was approved.
 but city leaders said they would review the request in  the 2019 budget…

But the Sheriff’s request is not  included in the Administrators recommendations. 

“I have had conversations with him about latest discussion with regards to additional raises for staff but we’ve talked about equipment that’s the conversation the Sheriff and I were engaged in and I look forward to engaging him as to wear we are,” said Mayor Hardie Davis. 

The City administrator confirms the Sheriff’s raises are not included in her 2019 budget recommendations but says the city financial team is planning to meet with Sheriff Roundtree to discuss it.
 Adding the budget does include a cost of living increase for all employees that would also impact the Sheriff’s Office. 

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