Mayor Davis explains local impact of new infrastructure law


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – A 1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill now signed into law.

Over the next five years billions of dollars will go into bridges, roads, the nation’s broadband and water and energy systems.

Mayor Hardie Davis says mayors in cities across the country helped play a role in getting the bill passed.

“We’ve worked hand in hand with Congress. We’ve worked hand in hand with the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s and the League of Cities who played an instrumental role,” Mayor Hardie Davis said.

Nearly 1.5 billion dollars of the funding will go to public transportation in Georgia.

 “With the passage and signage of this infrastructure deal Augusta will be eligible for those dollars. They will be eligible for our community.  They will flow through our community. We have already made a commitment to public transit,” Davis said.

Davis said part of that will go to public transit in Augusta, where city leaders hope to enhance their fleet with electric buses.

“We were able to pilot three electric buses here in the city of Augusta. We look forward to making investments to purchase those and transform our fleet here in the city. More energy efficient buses. They’re climate friendly buses,” Davis said.

Another $135 million will go toward installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Georgia.

Just a few weeks ago Davis and city leaders unveiled a new electric vehicle charging station at Diamond Lakes.

He said more funding will help Augusta continue to grow into a more sustainable city.

“What I would like to see happen and I think we have started this, is for us to become a resilient and sustainable city with investments around electric charging stations and going to green vehicles. It just puts us in a much better situation.”

225 million will also go towards improving bridges in Georgia.

That’s enough funding to address 80 percent of Georgia’s bridges that are in poor condition.

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