Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Certainly cooler heads could have prevented the post commission meeting scuffle. between the Mayor Pro-Tem and an Augusta businessman but commissioners are saying what took place during the meeting by the mayor lit the fuse.   

 The altercation took place in the hallway outside the commission chambers, but commissioners say it started inside.  

“There was no reason why the Augusta Port Authority could not speak, they should have been allowed to,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.  

Dayon Walker was at the commission meeting supporting the Port Authority. 

But when Authority Chairman Clarence Thompkins tried to address the commission Mayor Davis told him to have a seat. 

Commissioner McKnight also tried to give Thompkins a chance to speak.  

“He’s in the audience can we have him up here to answer questions at least let him talk,” she said during Tuesday’s meeting. 

“The people who were there were on the agenda, but the mayor did not give them a chance to speak towards the item that was being discussed so I think that really escalated things to the point where we saw the incident happen after the meeting,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

 So do commissioners believe the altercation would have still happened had the Port Authority Chairman been allowed  to speak”  

“I doubt it I doubt it I think at least they would be able to get their point across,” said Commissioner McKnight.  

 “I don’t think they would have gotten as upset, or mad or angry when they left the chambers from not being able to be heard if they would have been given the chance to tell their side of the story in regard to the conversation taking place none of this would have happened,” said Commissioner Garrett. 

 Mayor Davis did not want to appear on camera but said Mister Thompkins was not on the agenda to speak and saying he had already met with city staff to discuss his questions about Port Authority finances.