AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “May Park is one of those places that we’ve adopted as our home for our warming shelters.”

It’s the second time this week, May Park Community Center opened their doors. 

“The good thing is that there is a need and that need is being fulfilled,” Commissioner Jordan Johnson said.

Guests are given a blanket, a cot to sleep on, a hygiene kit and snacks and water to get through the night. 

“Folks who need access to a warm place, whether they’re homeless or just maybe down on their luck with their utility bills can come down to May Park,” Johnson said.

The center opened up at 6pm Sunday evening and is open as a shelter until 9 am the next morning. 

“Our street encampment team has been going around letting folks know this service is available to them as well,” Johnson said.

And though it was announced as a women’s shelter, there is room for all.

“There is area for men, there’s an area for women and children. We’re not turning anyone away,” Johnson said.  

The Richmond County commission is working on making sure this can be a more frequent service to those in need. 

Commissioner Johnson says they want to make sure they’re using these centers for all things.

“May Park is just that place and it has been for so long. So, I’m grateful for the staff, here, at May Park and I’m thankful for the community for banning together to make this happen,” Johnson said.  

If you are out on the streets and cold, May Park can help provide you with a warm space.