AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With the summer approaching, you can expect heat and dry weather patterns. With that also comes the annual summer burn ban.

Per the environmental protection Division, people aren’t allowed to burn yard waste or other items from May 1st through September 30th. In Richmond County, trash burning is illegal all year round.

“May to September is the driest, hottest time of the year here and historically our residents choose sometimes to burn their yard debris instead of bagging it and trashing it, and during this time it becomes dangerous. We respond to a lot of grass fires, outside fires, and wild fires and it’s because of these debris fires in their yard that get away from them with the conditions being dry and windy,” said Chief Beasley.

The Augusta Fire Department held a brush fire demonstration showing how quickly flames can spread across a large area.

“That demonstration is to show you how easy it is and how quickly that if you’re deciding to burn your yard off for instance to make it grow nice, and green and pretty, you can light it off and then be attentive to it and then a wind gust comes up, catches it, gets it out of your control. Then it runs from your yard, to your neighbors yard, perhaps to the wood line if you’re close to the wood line and then it turns in to a wild fire or emergency that’s beyond your control.”

In 2021 Augusta Firefighters responded to more than 100 brush fires between April and September.