Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – They came in force, at least 8 FBI agents, one agent from the GBI, searching the Sandridge neighborhood home of Commissioner Sammie Sias.

“We have a court authorized, law enforcement activity. Outside of that, that it’s an on going investigation, I can’t make any more comments,” said FBI agent Brian Ozden,

“What materials were brought out?”

“We had a court authorized law enforcement activity, outside of that I can’t make any more comments,” said Ozden.

Those on the scene said the FBI arrived shortly after six in the morning. Commissioner Sammie Sias says he was at home but wasn’t watching the clock.

“What time did they get here?”

“I don’t know, you have to ask them that, I was sitting down working,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias,

“So you weren’t here when they came?”

“I said I was sitting down working,” sad Sias.

In her letter to commissioners last month, former Jamestown manager Willa Hilton accused Sias of taking thousands of sales tax dollars provided for center improvements and then making up invoices to cover his tracks.

At the bottom of the letter she wrote in long hand that Sias keeps all records of money coming in on his personal flash drive and laptop.

FBI agents were seen removing 2 computer towers along with boxes of other items.

FBI agents also searched Sias back garage area, as well as his van.

The search wrapped up shortly before noon. Commissioner Sias says the extensive law enforcement action wasn’t unexpected.

“The FBI just dropped by my residence, it’s part of the inquiry about the allegations. I have no problem with that. I appreciate them, they were very professional, very courteous and, to say the least, this is what you do when you have allegations against you and you have to get that cleared up. There will be no questions after this but this is to say to you…Commissioner Sias is not running away from anything.”

Sources say the FBI searched the Jamestown Community Center on Wednesday. Two weeks ago, Commissioner Sias said the accusations from Willa Hilton came after he ended his twenty year affair. Hilton lives next door to Sias, we did not see agents search that property.