Masters Week Traffic: What Can Be Improved Next Year?

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – This was Steve Cassell’s 10th year overseeing Masters Traffic and Pedestrian operation and says he’s learned something new every year.

“It’s a learning experience for everybody including the patrons as well as us, everybody out in the street. It’s a pretty big operation and to keep everything coordinated without practice and you’re kind of learning as you go, I mean that’s what the practice rounds are for. They’re for the golfers and for us,” said Cassell.

Cassell says even though this year’s Masters Week traffic slightly differed than prior years, due to the new Berckmans Road. He says there weren’t many adjustments they would have made.

“The good thing is a lot of people want to come to the tournament. I wish they would turn off their GPS’ and just kind of follow. We give them the best routes that we can and if they choose to use it they’ll get there in time. If they don’t, then sometimes there might be a little bit of pain involved,” said Cassell.

Casell says he was pleased with the response times at the traffic light systems down Washington Road even though there was some inevitable morning congestion.

He said if there’s one thing they’d focus on more for next year its pedestrian safety.

“There are some areas we didn’t consider as far as for the pedestrians. Our pedestrian management plan is typically centered around Berckmans Road. We were seeing a lot of pedestrians crossing Washington Road in different areas that were not used to. So as we move forward we’ll be looking at pedestrian management beyond just Berckmans Road,” said Cassell.

Overall, Cassell says by closing down the Washington Road Exit and routing vehicles down Riverwatch, it relieved bottleneck situations and quite possibly more accidents.

He also pays some respect to the officers who coordinated with the traffic department throughout the week.

“I thought we did well and I thought the deputies in the streets kept everything safe and the intersections cleared so hats off to them. They’re out there all day,” said Cassell.

As for the Masters traffic signs around town… Cassell says they will be taken down later this week.

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