Although Masters excitement must come to an end, another CSRA sport is coming soon. The first pitch at SRP Park happens Monday night. 

Although visitors in town for the Masters will be making their way out, for those of us who live here, the games are not over. 

William Dunaway, an Augusta native, has attended the Masters for the past decade. This year, he chose opening day. 

“I got to see and follow Rory McIlroy and I got to see Jordan Spieth,” Dunaway explained. “It’s fun when you get to see these people and meet them every now and again.”

Clayton Sherrod, also an Augusta native spent his Thursday at Augusta National Golf Club. He told us he enjoys meeting all the visitors who come to town– and roots for the players at different restaurants depending on the day.

“It’s my third day at Wild Wings. I’ve been to Hooters, Sherrod told us. “I went to see Nelly at Country Club.”

I asked both who they want to see get that honorable green jacket Sunday. 

“I’d like to see Ricky get it. He hasn’t been there yet,” Dunaway expressed. “I’d just like to see him go ahead and take one home.”

But Sherrod disagreed: “Well of course, I’d like to see Jordan Spieth.”

After Sunday… everything Masters will die down, but everything baseball will just getting started. 
The first game is happening at SRP Park Monday night when North Augusta takes on Greenbrier. 

Sherrod supported the Greenjackets at Olmstead Stadium every Thursday and hopes to continue that tradition. 

“Being new: There is going to be a lot more things there besides the stadium in walking distance,” Sherrod told NewsChannel 6. “North Augusta really needed that.”

“They have some good food stuff going on at SRP. I know they will have good drink selections. I know it will be fun. It’s going to be a nice venue,” Dunaway agreed. 

Tuesday is SRP Park’s official opening night when Georgia takes on Clemson. 
We’ll bring you that story in just two days.