Masters attracts traditional stop to Bonaventure Golf Warehouse


Non-stop golf in April brings booming business to local golf shop, Bonaventure. This store has been the staple golf shop for gear since 1955. 

The Masters is continuously looking to grow the game of golf. With Augusta being the host of the tournament, local businesses are welcoming guest from around the world and also helping them gear up on the best golf gear in town. 

“We’re one of the dime breeds of mom and pop operations,” says Nan Sherrill, family salesperson at Bonaventure.

The Tee off of the Masters Tournament brings in thousands of dollars each year. Golf’s growing popularity, thanks to the efforts by the Augusta National Golf Club to get kids interested in the game, have fans rushing in and out of the store. 

“The Women’s Amateur, then you have Drive, Chip, and Putt and people with all of their families,” says Nan Sherrill. “Then the tournament with the men, and then you have the locals, who have watched everybody play for solid weeks and think they can do it. So they come in!” 

The warehouse gets ready for that rush by stocking up on inventory before April, besides the tournament itself, Bonaventure owners believe this is the next tourist stop on the list. Especially this year due to the weather. 

“I’d say it’s the go-to place,” says Nan Sherrill. “When it rains, which this year unfortunately we’ve had some rain, you can hardly walk in here. But when it starts raining, this is where they all come.” 

This family-owned store has its own traditions by keeping the business exclusive while also fostering other relationships with regular Masters patrons. 

“It’s a family reunion. I’ve watched a lot of these people grow up. Charles Howell use to buy shoes in here when he was little,” says Nan Sherrill. 

Augusta Being the mecca of golf has also driven younger kids to pick up a golf club. Especially with the Drive, Chip, and Putt being available for children. 

“Augusta golf is not a seasonal thing. Augusta youth golf is on fire all the time,” says Nan Sherrill. 

“The accessories. [My son] doesn’t know what they do, so he wants to know and that gets him interested. he knows what golf is, so maybe that will make him want to play with his dad sometimes,” says Jeremy Cliett, customer at Bonaventure. 

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