AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Multiple agencies are investigating alleged illicit activity at seven massage businesses in Aiken County, including the Flower Europe Massage on Georgia Avenue.

“The place seemed to be vacant every time passed by there,” Marvin Peake said.

SLED and Homeland Security joined other state and local law enforcement agencies for a joint investigation into suspected illicit activity.

“We were actually on vacation, so we did not hear about it, but it’s not surprising,” a woman who did not what to be identified said.

Seven search warrants were executed Wednesday on massage parlors in Aiken and North Augusta.

  • T Aroma Massage, 220 Eastgate Drive in Aiken
  • GAAve Massage, 507 Georgia Avenue in Noth Augusta
  • Lili’s/Lisa’s Massage, 129 Marketplace Drive in North Augusta
  • T Aroma Massage, 401 W. Martintown Road in North Augusta
  • Lotus Massage, 1069 Edgefield Road in North Augusta
  • Flower Massage, 1635 Georgia Avenue in North Augusta
  • Leisure Massage, 135 Edgewood Drive in North August

NewsChannel 6 saw authorities at the Flower Europe Massage.

“I’m surprised if there’s the number of people that you say were in and out of that place. It has to be something more than hanky pinky going on there,” Peake added.

The operation sheds light on the establishment’s activities, raising questions within the community.

“They were one opened a long time ago. I did not go to that one, but then I noticed that another one opened across the street, so it was suspicious that the two of them opened right there together. So it was, I don’t know, a little surprising,” the woman shared.

SLED mentioned the investigation is active and ongoing. More information may be available at a later time.

Meanwhile, contact local law enforcement if you see any suspicious activity at Aiken County massage parlors.