Masks will be require when Augusta government reopens


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Augusta officials saying the coronavirus is a silent but violent killer and they are sending this message, mask up spread out or stay out.

Georgia is easing its coronavirus restrictions but Mayor Hardie Davis still doesn’t feel at all at ease.

‘We are exteremly concerned at the lack of social distancing at the lack of face coverings and masks,” said Mayor Davis.

There are masks at the security entrance to the Municipal Building,scheduled to open to the public May 18th.

Tuesday the City Administrator said visitors to the building will be recommended to wear a mask, Mayor Davis now saying it will not be a recommendation.

“Is it a recommend or require?”

“We’re going to require folks to wear a mask,” said Mayor Davis.

The mayor suggesting the mask in the Municipal Building requirement will get commission action.

“That’s a reasonable expectation that we’re going to have, we’re going to codify that and we’re going to have the expectation that when you come in put on a mask,” said Mayor Davis.

Next week bars will be allowed to re-open in Georgia but under state guidelines that limits them to 50 percent occupancy.

“They should simply be able to look at their own occupancy load cut that number in half and we’re going to strictly follow the guidelines the governor has put out,” said Fire Chief Chris James.

The potential of spreading the virus in bars makes them a concern,Sheriff Roundtree will be talking with bar owners about the rules and the deputies who work in those bars.

“And my deputies have been instructed the moment they do not follow compliance that establishment is to be shut down that evening,” said Sheriff Roundtree.

Commissioners have been practicing social distancing by holding their meetings using teleconferencing however commissioner Marion Williams saying, if the public is coming back to the Municipal Building so should commissioners for their meetings however Mayor Davis saying that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

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