Mask mandate not in place commissioners say


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) Augusta Commissioners have been talking about masks, some have been wearing masks, they’ve been urging people to wear masks…but is there a city policy requiring masks in city buildings? Depends on who you talk to.

Masks are being worn in and around the Augusta government buildings, but the desire of some city leaders to required them is still being questioned.

“I think people ought to wear masks. I am for masks. I just think you just can’t demand people who don’t want to wear one,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioners approved an ordinance to require masks, however that ordinance has not been approved on its second reading.

Commissioners talked about masks Tuesday but did not approve a second reading.

“There’s been nothing approved so there’s no mask ordinance in place in effect,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

However there is a Mayor Davis executive order, signed on May 15th saying all those entering Augusta government building shall wear a face covering or a mask, but some commissioners say that order doesn’t make wearing masks a requirement

“No sir absolutely not, that was a reach and an overstepping of authority in my estimation,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

The city attorney says since the governor hasn’t mandated wearing masks in state buildings, Augusta can’t either.

“This ordinance is more restrictive than the Governors order and, as I advised earlier, if Augusta is going to pass this it needs to wait under the governor’s order expires,” says City General Counsel Wayne Brown.

So there’s a desire for masks at city buildings but still no agreed to mandate.

And the mask discussion is not going away at least for the next two weeks. That’s when commissioner Brandon Garrett has put on the next a resolution to vote up or down the mask ordinance requirement in Augusta.


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