Marine Corps Educator Workshop: Marines want more high school educators to sign up in 2020


The U.S. Marine Corps needs help from high school educators. They want to present teenagers the many opportunities offered as a Marine.  

Before they can get to the students, they need to convince the school system.

The Educator Workshop at Parris Island gives teachers first-hand experience and knowledge of the Marine Corps.

The goal is simple… to break negative perceptions civilians may have, and to educate those teachers about the opportunities the military can provide their students.

“As a high school counselor, I know there are other options,” said Burke County High School counselor, Regenia Jordan. “But to see it made a difference.”

Marine recruiters are hoping two teachers from each high school in the area will come to the next workshop to witness the transformation of young adults into Marines.

Recruiters say administrators keep them from talking to students at many high schools. 

“Where are you going to get the experience, where are you going to get the leadership; all of that is wrapped in a nice pretty bow right here on Parris Island,” said Major Jason Ellis.

Upon arrival, teachers are treated like recruits.

“My son is in JROTC at Harlem,” said Harlem High School teacher, Jean Jordan.” If I can tell him all the things that I did, then he can help spread the words to his fellow cadets.”

Some of the teachers say there are a lot of parallels when comparing the marines to high school, but there’s one big difference.

“You got that in high school, you have the schedule, you have to maintain the things teachers tell you to do,” explained Harlem High School teacher, Kimberly Poss. “However, this is all about discipline.”

The word discipline is something one recruit is preaching to students who plan to make the transition after graduation.

“Never give up. It took me two years to get here,” said Kaylie Oldacre.

These educators say the experience they’ve gained has given them a new perspective when it comes to helping their students find the future, and they hope more teachers will sign up.

Click here If you’re an educator who is interested in taking part in next year’s workshop, 

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