Marine Corps Educator Workshop: A day in the life as a Marine recruit


It’s not your typical vacation, a week on Parris Island, South Carolina.

However, NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson, learned this week, teachers will do anything to help their students. Including why a career in the military could be a great option.

Devin spoke to Marines recruits about their experience to help shed light for students interested in becoming a “Devil Dog.” 

More than 19,000 marine recruits train in Parris Island each year.

They spend 12 weeks pushing their mind and body through rigorous training in hopes to be called a Marine.

During the educator workshop, Devin broke away to speak to some recruits who are working on wearing the dress blues.   

“I joined because I wanted to protect women who couldn’t protect themselves,” explained Kaylie Oldacre.

Recruit Oldacre traveled from Buffalo New York. All women who want to become Marines are stationed on Parris Island for boot camp.

Her message for teachers this week: dedication and commitment to the point… 

“I don’t know what time it is right now, and I don’t know what day it’s,” said Oldacre.

“Do you want to know the time?” asked Harlem High School teacher, Jean Jordan.

“Sure,” said Oldacre.

“Today is Wednesday, March 27th, and it’s 11:24 am,” said Jordan.

“It’s nice that people care about us,” Oldacre told Devin. “Because a lot of people don’t like the military.”

While some recruits spend the majority of their time training to protect our country, others are seeing their families for the first time in three months.

“When you’re with 55 recruits for 12 weeks, and just getting yelled at all day, training hard; you see them, and it’s just a sigh of relief,” said Thomas Haley. 

These educators got a four-day glimpse of what these recruits do in 12 weeks.

A school counselor at Burke County High School says she wants to focus her time time on Parris Island thinking of the 9th and 10th graders at Burke County High.

“What I saw this weekend is that they fully educated us on the options,” explained Regenia Jordan.

This is the first time in history both men and women recruits have graduated together from boot camp on Parris Island.

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