AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Hundreds of people gathered at the Augusta Common Saturday morning after the March for Jesus Walk.

The march is over, but the message remains. 

“We need to come together as a whole– as the body of Christ to let people know that Jesus lives and He’s Lord, and He’s Lord of all and that the name of Jesus every tongue ‘gon confess and every knee will bow,” Josephine Prescott said.

After the March for Jesus down to the Common, people gathered to lift Jesus’s name. 

The walk began at 8 a.m. Saturday and went on until noon where people listened to testimonies and sang along to worship music. 

Donna Roberts says this is not her first time celebrating this day in the CSRA. 

“Well I’ve been coming to the March for Jesus for about three years now and I love getting together with God’s people, it gives me a glimpse of what heaven’s gonna be like when a thousand generations rise up in one voice and praise the Lord,” Donna Roberts said. 

Roberts feels it’s at gatherings like these that help the younger generations. 

“I believe in this particular generation of young people, they are seeking the true God in the bible, they’re not seeking churchianity, they’re not seeking the American church, they are seeking the true God in the bible and I think at event like this– when people of God gather, that is a great opportunity for God to move and for them to see the supernatural acts of God,” Roberts said. 

Overall, people say this day was for one reason. 

“We love Jesus and that we worship Him and that He’s our Lord, so I’m just excited. Every chance I get, I just wanna lift up the name of Jesus– that’s what I’m excited about today,” Prescott said.