Many wearing masks despite no city mandate


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s been 6 weeks since government offices re-opened for face to face business. It was this re-opening that sparked some city leaders to push to require masks. That didn’t happen, so how is the city government operating now.

A deputy marshal with a basket of masks at the entrance to the Municipal building to hand out. The Marshal’s Office takes mask seriously, even launching a campaign on its Facebook page encouraging people to do their part and wear one.

“We’re just trying to flatten the curve, we’re just trying to stop these numbers from increasing I’m looking at these numbers everyday it’s going up people are not doing their part,” said Marshal Ramone Lamkin.

At the city South Augusta customer service center Bill Good was doing his part he had his mask on coming to pay a water bill.

“We should be united in this cause and say if the numbers are increasing and they say masks work, why not try it,” Good said.

We notice most people are masking up coming to the service center.

“Out customers are very, very cooperative if they don’t have a mask we have a deputy here that will provide them with one,” said Joan West Utilities Department Customer Services Manager.

At the tag office most are wearing masks, but no one is being force to.

“We will not stop them from coming to the building we just encourage them to wear the masks if they don’t want to wear it they just walk around the building without a mask on,” said Marshal Lamkin.

At one time the mayor and commissioners believed masks should be required and even as cases increase the Marshal does not.

“I don’t think so once you get into the part of making somebody do something or having an ordinance that you must to this that’s when problems occur complications occur we have not had any issues,” said Lamkin.

Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick office here is one of those that gets a lot of business from people coming in he says so far five of his employee have been tested for covid all tested negatively Kendrick adds so far.

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