AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County law enforcement issued an arrest warrant for a man after a situation at a local restaurant. A family told NewsChannel 6 that a man who appeared to be wearing security officer gear arrived at their table with an assault rifle.

The family turned to social media and then news media in hopes of identifying the man they said rudely and very dangerously disrupted their dinner at LongHorn Steakhouse of Augusta on New Year’s Eve.

“We were hungry,” Suzettra Walker told us. “Nobody was cooking. So, we wanted to grab a bite before the new year came in.”

Walker and her family left church Saturday night and dined in at the Augusta steakhouse. She said just as they were wrapping up their meals, a man dressed in security officer gear with a gun on his hip told them they had two minutes to leave. She said he was agitated about his son, their server, staying later to accommodate them and told them the restaurant was closing.

“We talked about how rude it was and that apparently upset him,” she recalled.

Minutes late, that man returned to their table carrying another weapon. An assault rifle. Walker said he had his finger on the trigger. Her party of five unarmed women and a five-year-old child sat there in fear.

“We thought we were going to get shot. We were terrified,” she exclaimed. “Because we thought, at first, that he was a law enforcement officer. There were so many emotions. We had my 5-year-old nephew there. We were trying to figure out how to keep him calm, figure out how to keep it from escalating.”

The family learned he didn’t work for LongHorn. So, they left.

We now know, after reaching out to Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, that the man has been identified as Darnell Evans.

He is currently booked in the Webster Detention center on five counts of Felony Terroristic Threats and Acts.

NewsChannel 6 also obtained a copy of the 911 call made by LongHorn at 11:24 p.m., moments after Walker and her family left.

Initial 911 call made by restaurant management at LongHorn

“…LongHorn Steakhouse of Augusta. We just had an incident where we had some guests harassed by a parent of the restaurant,” the caller said.

Walker shared Evans’ photos on social media too, before knowing his identity. And after the holiday weekend, the family is getting some answers. But they are still not sure where he works. The sheriff’s office and Marshals from Richmond and Columbia Counties say he does not work for them.

Second 911 call made by restaurant management at LongHorn

Walker added, “I want this individual, first of all, off the street. If he works for a security company, I don’t want him to be able to be in that position anymore. He clearly does not have the temperament for it. I want Darden, the restaurant company, to have us feel like we can walk into one of their restaurants and not be threatened with a weapon.”

Walker told WJBF while her family is shaken up a bit, they do plan to continue to eat out as a family, but she feels they may need to do it with a man.