AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County Sheriff’s Office deputies are looking for 30-year-old Jonathan Williams who is wanted for an armed robbery.

Deputies responded to a call on the 700 block of Bennock Mill Road in reference to a robbery. The victim claimed he was trying to pull into the driveway where he found a white car was blocking the entrance. He said the car moved to let him through and drove off. He then said he saw a guy with a shotgun at the back of his home. When he got closer, he saw two more people with shotguns.

The people point their guns at the victim and told him to get out of the truck stating, “It’s nothing personal, where’s your dad?” He responded that he didn’t know and then heard his sister screaming for the men to put their guns down. The victim’s sister was letting them in the home because she claimed they wouldn’t shoot if she did.

The victim began walking to the residence and one of the suspects said, “Take the keys to the truck” and “If you love your sister, tell her to give us the keys to the truck.” The victim’s sister threw the keys and the suspects caught them, got in the truck, and fled the scene.

The victim’s sister left her phone in the car. The deputies used find my iPhone to locate the stolen vehicle. The ping led them to Lock and Dam Rd. where they found the stolen vehicle. The sister said she thought one if the suspects was a man who went by John-John, or Jonathan Williams.

He is considered to be armed and dangerous. Williams is known to frequent McNutt Way and Tracy Drive.

If you have any information, please contact the RCSO at 706-821-1080.