Major Road Projects in Columbia County expected for completion by 2022


Flowing Wells Rd., Fury’s Ferry Rd., and Lewiston Rd., are the main road projects Columbia County is looking to widen, add turn lanes, and even include a diverging diamond on the south side of I-20.

These changes will be efficient, but hang tight! Right now, it’s all utility work.

Columbia County’s Deputy County Manager, Matt Schlacter, says, “under construction is Flowing Wells Road. Our next one that will be going out for construction very soon is Lewiston Road. Right behind that we’ll have State Route 28, which is Furys Ferry Rd. from Evans To Locks down to the state line.”

The roads are causing traffic, all you see are orange cones, and you just want to know when it will be over.

Bad news: Flowing Wells Road won’t be done until the end of 2022.

Here’s the good news: for right now, no turn lanes are closed.

“Let traffic flow. Once we get all the utilities out of the way, that’s when we do the lane closures and moving traffic around. So, hopefully this will speed the process up,” says Schlacter.

That process is 20 million dollars out of TSPLOST.

Up next, Lewiston Road.

“We’re putting together the bid project right now. I hope to have that done in the next week or two, turned over to DOT for their review,” says Schlacter.

The county hopes to have it under contract and beginning utility work by January.

“This is going to add an additional lane. So, it will be a two lanes east direction, a turn lane where needed, left turn lane in the middle of the whole way, and then, again, a diverging diamond where we swap traffic flow at the bridge all the way over to the interstate ,” says Schlacter.

You’ll see changes by the end of 2022.

Lastly, Furys Ferry Rd.

“We started about 190 parcels we had to acquire on that project. We’re down, I believe, in the 80’s now, so we’re over halfway done there ,” says Schlacter.

With an aggressive goal to get all the parcels by the end of October, Schlacter hopes to send it off to DOT as soon as he can.

“First of the year we are having that one out to bid and get that under construction. So, hopefully by Spring, early summer of next year, you’ll see State Route 28 being constructed, as well,” says Schlacter.

In the meantime the county is doing temporary fixes, such as optimizing signals and adding asphalt where needed.

Submitted Road Designs for Next TSPLOST

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