Maggie Horner set to graduate with perfect attendance since Pre-K


“Senior skip day or junior skip day. She’s like nope, I’ll be at school and so now every one knows Maggie Horner is going to be at school,” says Becky Horner, Maggie’s Mother and Lakeside High School teacher.

2,340 days of school. Lakeside High School senior Maggie Horner hasn’t missed a single one of them in her entire academic career.

“Since my mom is a school teacher, she’s just always like encouraged me to go to school as much as I possibly can. She would always tell me like since if I have to go to school every day, why can’t you go to school every day. So I was like, well why not?,” says Maggie Horner, a Lakeside High Senior. 

When Maggie was at Stevens Creek Elementary, her parents knew she hadn’t missed a single day.
but she didn’t realize her accomplishment until she was recognized in 5th grade.

At that point, through her time at Stallings Island Middle School and now at Lakeside, she made it a personal challenge to be at school every single day. 

“I’m never really sick. The only time I’ve gotten sick with something really minor it’s been on the weekends. So I’ve never really had to miss school. If I was not feeling well one morning, I would maybe miss a class or two, but I would never miss like a full day,” says Maggie. 

Maggie also plays lacrosse. This season, she ran into a serious injury, but still managed to keep a flawless record.

“Maggie blew out her ACL in a game this year, and the very next morning she was walking in the building. She was limping in, but she was walking in, and that just so much about her character, her dedication, and she wanted to make sure that she got that day of attendance in here,” says Dorcas Powell,Lakeside High School’s principal. 

But Maggie is quick to share the credit for her achievement.

 “I just want to thank my parents for just pushing me through each and every year, and just getting me to this point in my life and my school career,” says Maggie. 

“Just that’s maggie. We love her, she loves us, and she’s just been the perfect child. She really has,” says Becky Horner.

Georgia College and State Univeristy in the Fall. Two other local students –Simeon Stokes from Harlem High and Aiyana Holland from Aiken will also graduate with perfect attendance records.

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