AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Local food blogger Scott Russell is known for supporting local restaurants with his blog “6bitesin

He’s also known for shedding a light on local businesses as well.

He and local photographer, Kyle Jones created “Love Augusta,” a web series that focuses on highlighting local businesses in the area.

Now, Russell is teaming up with Savannah River Brewery to bring a hot dog festival to the CSRA.

Wiener Fest is happening Saturday, May 20th, at Savannah River Brewing Co. from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Russell stopped by to tell us about the event, his social media account, “Love Augusta,” and of course he was wearing his hot dog suit.

Tell me about what 6Bitesin is.

“Basically I started taking pictures for google, it was a joke, and then I started doing it everywhere I went and my friends were like ‘you’re on to something here, this is a great idea,’ and they made the Instagram for me, and it spiraled out of control in the best way possible for me, and now I’ve been able to turn that in to highlighting local businesses besides food as well with Love Augusta, and I think we’re on episode 100 now with Love Augusta, and it’s just been amazing getting to see all the awesome local businesses that we have here in town.

What is Love Augusta?

It started off with me and an amazing videographer, Kyle Jones, who was reaching out to businesses, just offering his services for free, and I said ‘Man, we’re doing the same thing, lets do this together, and now it’s a team of five people. We have a photographer, a graphic designer, an amazing promoter, so it’s really turned in to a full fledged business, and it’s just one of those things that I never thought it would be this big and I’m just here for it, and I love every second of it.

What’s the response from the businesses when you do this.

They’re so appreciative and that’s what makes it fun, is them being so thankful, but like you were saying, I often shoot my own self in the foot because I have to wait just as long as you do. The whole point is to get the word out about these businesses. Sometimes they don’t have the presence on social media that a lot of people do, so I just get to put the word out because people need to know about the local businesses we have here in Augusta.

What is Wiener Fest?

We at Love Augusta crew are teaming up with Savannah River Brewery and we are putting on the first ever Wiener Fest, and we’re going to have a hot dog eating contest, venders selling their own types of hot dogs.

How did all of this come about?

We were planning and we said it would be fun to do a hot dog festival and here we are. It was a crazy idea but that’s what I like.

Now this is all for a good cause, tell me about that.

We are raising money for the Dog and Cat Networking Agency, we did a really fun episode with them and we fell in love with the group, and we’re going to have a way for you to donate to them as well.

Tell us a little about that group.

They are an amazing adoption, foster group here in town. They are very thorough with their adoptions. They just love the animals.

Who’s providing the hot dogs?

One of our main sponsors is the Fat Man’s group and they’re actually donating 600 hot dogs, so between thirty people if they can eat 600 hot dogs, I will be very impressed.

If people are trying to get involved where do they go?

You can go to, or our Facebook page, there’s a Wiener Fest Facebook page where you can go. It’s a free event so come hungry, come thirsty, and it’s going to be a great time for everyone.