LOUISVILLE, Ga. (WJBF) – Right now, a new chapter of history may be in store for the Market House. Tuesday, the City Council voted to remove it from the center of town. The decision is pending litigation and a final plan on what to do with the structure.

“We’re trying out best to do what’s right here,” affirmed Mayor Larry Morgan.

Eugene Washington said, “I feel empty right now. I feel like we got to get back out there and fight some more. We got to go to the second stage.”

And that fight might not stop at the local level. Louisville’s City Attorney said they need to find out if the state or federal government has any say so in the future of the Market House.

“Justice delayed is often justice denied and that’s what I see here. Deny, deny, deny,” said Washington.

Emotions ran high briefly at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

“You’re coming up here saying it’s a slave market and it’s not! It’s a building with social events,” said one man.

Last month, the Market House advisory committee voted to propose the removal of the historic structure. The committee is made up of 14 people, including Louisville’s Mayor, City Manager, and council members.

They reported 70 letters were received. Sixteen letters were for keeping the Market House where it is while 42 were for the removal. The remaining letters contained different opinions. Ideas have been brought up to build a fountain or museum if the Market House is removed.

The local historical society believes the Market House should remain in its current location and to broaden education about it.

“I just want for everyone to come together. I want for downtown to be a place that everyone loves and right now it’s not. So I feel like, for our future generations and our current generations, we have to do something. And now is the time. We have this platform and now is the perfect time to use it,” said Nikki Tarver, a member of the advisory committee.

As litigation surrounding the Market House and the work on a plan about what to do with it continues we’ll keep you updated with the developments.