Lottery hopefuls want to help others if they win


Many people across the River Region raced to local convenience stores for their chance at the luck of the draw.  The mega millions topped $1 Billion Friday and some hopefuls want to do some good. 

The lottery ticket counter at the Race Way on Wrightsboro Road near Bobby Jones Expressway remained busy.  It was kind of hard to find a Mega Millions ticket in the sea of several other tickets.  But we spoke with folks about what they would do with all the cash.

“Get a bunch of Uber drivers for my wife because she’s on dialysis,” said Solomon Lambert, who bought a ticket. 

“Naturally, I’d retire,” said Robert Albright.

Frank Thompkins added, “I’d give back to the community to those who are really in need.”

A long list of plans for those who hope to be a billion bucks richer.  And even though that’s a lot of money, people promise to be selfless. 

“Build a home for the homeless and the battered women, domestic violence people,” one ticket purchaser said.

The Mega Millions reached an amount people don’t see everyday.  And six numbers could change their lives good.  Readers Digest reports you can buy the Miami Marlins for a billion or the Hannah Montana Franchise.  You still fall about $95 billion short of being worth the same amount as Bill Gates though.

Albright added, “My family members would benefit from it.”

“Can I be your responsible niece?” Channel 6’s Renetta DuBose responded. 

“You will have a lot of relatives that you’re not aware of if you win some kind of prize like that,” he replied laughing.

And we asked Lambert, “What would you feed the homeless? What type of meal?”

He said, “We have to step up to the next level, give them some steaks or something.  No crab legs.  We’ll just go with the steaks right now.”

The drawing happens at 11 o’clock, but you have to purchase the ticket by 10 p.m.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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