Lots of Augusta voters head to the polls


The early voting numbers were way up, now it’s in the hands of the voters who wait until Election Day across Augusta. Busy is the word we’re hearing as voters take part in one of the more closely watched elections in year.

Mary Diggs was one of many heading into Bernie Ward to cast her ballot, she had her reasons.

“Want to see a change, we need a change, so that’s why I’m here,” said Diggs.  

Voters were here, there, everywhere in Augusta in what looks like a record breaking turnout for a mid-term election, more than 32 thousand people voted early and the prediction is for a similar number on Election Day. 

“I think we will have around 60 to 63 thousand who will cast a ballot in total, normally in a mid term that number is normally 47 to 50 so a big increase,” said Elections Director Lynn Bailey. 

At the Burns Memorial Church 400 new voters have been added to the rolls since July. And more voters can create more issues for poll workers. 

“Having a few we’ve had absentee ballots, can’t find them. We’ve had three or four problems we had to straighten out,” said Poll Manager Anne Gomillion.

Did you have to vote any provisionals?

“Not yet surprisingly,” she said. 

Augusta voters are playing a big role in the closely watched Governors race, and the concerns over voter registrations.

Keeping an eye on things at the big Bernie Ward site was an attorney serving as a poll watcher for the Democratic Party,

“I’ve only had a poll watcher once before and that was back in one of Obama’s elections and this one is from out of state. I think they have one in a lot of places so any way it’s fine,” said Poll Manager Sue Garrett. 

Very busy mid term election voters here casting their ballots for candidates across the slate it will be sometime now to see how these numbers add up. in Augusta George Eskola NewsChannel 6.

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