(WJBF) – This week, we celebrate the retirement of Mary Jones, a long-time member of the NewsChannel 6 family.

She has dedicated the last 51 years of her life to this station and to the community.

Wife, mother, matriarch of WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Mary landed her dream job at this TV station the same year Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon.

“The legendary Trooper Terry hired me. His office was right next door to Jim Davis, who was news director and John Radeck was the general manager. JB Fuqua owned the station,” said Mary.

She began her career as a secretary, able to type more than 120 words a minute.

But she quickly rose through the ranks and is now the Executive Assistant to the Vice President and Program Coordinator.

When you think of Mary Jones many words come to mind, like trustworthy.

“I know if I leave the station to go do something, go on vacation, whatever, it’s going to be button up and taken care of no matter what,” said General Manager Bill Stewart


“She probably trained about six general managers. Four were really good managers. I am one of the two that weren’t but I was a lot better because of her,” said Louis Wall.

Beautiful, inside and out.

“Every time I see her she’s smiling. She is one of the sweetest, kindest nicest, human beings, people, friend I have ever had,” said Nick Evans.


“Her influence, guidance knowledge of programming and connecting with viewers is second to none,” said Scott Elledge


“When in doubt if you don’t know the answer to a question, you go to Mary Jones,” said Barclay Bishop.


“Mary is really the epitome of the people who work behind the scenes and keep a broadcast station on the air,” said Bob Young.

Mary is respected by our industry.

A few years ago, our station family celebrated when Mary Jones was inducted into the Georgia Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

She’s adapted to the continuously changing world of broadcasting. From the days of live TV to video tape to digital and she’s done it with such grace, always putting people first.

“Mary was one of the first people to greet me when I arrived at Channel 6, so many moons ago,” said George Eskola.

“She kept looking out for me the whole while I was at the station. Mary was Mary and there will never be another Mary Jones,” said Frank Thomas.

“Over 20 years ago, Mary gave me the encouragement to apply for the weekend meteorologist job and I got it and it was all thanks to her,” said John Lynn.

“She’s the person that holds this entire operation together and she is irreplaceable,” said Brad Means.

“I will always think of her as the classiest lady in the building,” said Jennie Montgomery.

“For the many decades you’ve given to the field of journalism and to NewsChannel 6 you will forever be in our hearts,” said Taura Hatney.

“Thank you for being a role model, thank you for looking so stunning every day, I know this will be a wonderful new chapter in your life,” said Dee Griffin.

We love you. We all do.

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