THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF) – Police all over the county are dealing with many issues during this health crisis. Right now, police departments are keeping a close watch on false, COVID-19 positive claims.

A Thomson woman is behind bars after allegedly lying to police about testing positive for COVID-19. She was arrested without incident Friday.

Beatrice Brown was arrested at her home on Pine View Drive by Thomson officers. Brown’s arrest stems from a traffic stop that happened in late April. Police said she was driving a yellow Camaro when she was pulled over for speeding.

“Further investigation showed she was driving on a suspended license and that officer was taking her to jail,” said Inspector J.D. Plair.

On the way to jail, Brown claimed she tested positive for COVID-19 and was in quarantine for 11 days. But was out to pick up her car, according to an incident report.

The McDuffie County Jail is not taking in COVID-19 positive, non-violent offenders. So to be safe, they didn’t take her to jail but authorities did plan to follow-up.

Inspector Plair said, “After investigations, she wasn’t in quarantine. Her name wasn’t on any list.”

The McDuffie County Health Department has no record of Brown being tested with a positive COVID-19 result. Police also checked with Brown’s employer, a nursing home, about her claim and learned Brown has not missed a day of work.

“She understood what was going on and why she was being arrested. And she did admit that she was negative and so she knew why we were there,” explained Inspector Plair.

Brown is being charged with giving false statements a driving on a suspended license. The Thomson Police Department is urging anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to take the proper precautions to curb the spread.