AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Inside an American Legion Hall in Augusta, as veterans fellowship, they reflect on what this day means to them.

“Honoring men and women who have served in our country’s military all branches and all conflicts in peace time I never was in combat myself and some who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives,” said Rebecca Lewis, veteran.

For many, Veterans Day is a time to celebrate those who have served. Former service members we talked to say this day means much more.

“I served in the United States army and I was a 31-M multi-challenger communicator operator and I love serving my country because in order to serve, you can put your input and what you say and do about the country itself. And I think everybody should be able to serve the country they love, and I enjoy serving it,” said Vicki Lyons, Veteran.

“Although I wasn’t in the actual combat field, but I surely respect those that were. And I used to love what I did to support those that were in the combat areas,” said Roy Spears, veteran.

 It’s also a day to honor the families of veterans.

“For the family members back home, who have loved ones in the military in peacetime or in combat so that’s what Veterans Day is: to honor the veterans and their family members” said Lewis.