Local veteran advocate searches to complete the list of names find on grave markers


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – ‘If I can’t find them I put the name…” 

Florence Creasy has done genealogy for more than 30 years and after hearing about how many grave markers were found.She decided to research the names on the list for various reasons.

“One is if they are missing from a veteran grave and number two was to clear the name of the funeral home if they are duplicates,” says veteran’s advocate Florence Creasy.

So far she has found where three of the grave markers belong. She uses two websites. One is  genealogy bank and the other is:  ”Find A Grave.”

She types in the required information including name and date of death, and the websites show where the person is buried. 

There’s also a picture of a grave marker, depending on the cemetery’s records.

She says those who served need to be honored.

“If it wasn’t for the veterans you wouldn’t be here taking my picture because we wouldn’t have the right to do it,” says Ms.Creasy.

One vet she found is William Henderson.

She says he  is buried at a  church in Clarks Hill. 

She also found Henry W Berry  at Sunset Memory Gardens in Aiken. 

We went to Aiken and saw berry’s grave. it has a marker, and Creasy says it’s different from the marker for Berry that was found at Dent’s. 

“The picture on tv to that picture was a little cross was missing and most the head stones have crosses if they are in the military… so I said ok those were duplicates.”

She says a lot of the names on the list are local. But no matter where they’re from, Creasy says she just wants to make sure all the veterans have the markers that their families, and their service deserve.

“Just go check the cemetery out to know for a fact, we need to know for sure.. We just can’t speculate that they didn’t put them out.”

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