Local umpire honored at SRP Park for more than 50 years of service


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Jimmy Cofer is an active man.

He said, “I ride my bike, I walk, I run. I do everything.”

He’s also been behind home plate, making the right calls, at many ball fields for at least 55 years.

“I got so many memorable games. I’ll be here all night long trying to explain them to you but my memorable game is little league playoff tournament. I love playing those, I love those kids,” said Cofer.

Monday marked Jimmy Cofer Day at the GreenJackets’ home.

“All day long I’ve been kind of shaky about it but it’s the best day I’ve had in a long, long time,” said Cofer.

People came by to say hey to Cofer at this table. Folks also jotted down some nice notes for Cofer on baseballs and a poster.

“Never heard anyone say anything bad about him calling any game. No matter if it was baseball, basketball, no matter what it might be. Jimmy is known for being a fair guy,” said Cofer’s nephew, Hayward Aaroe.

Taking the mound and sights on the strike zone, the 80-year-old threw out the first pitch for a matchup between North Augusta and Midland Valley High.

Cofer said, “They love me because I gave a lot of love myself. In order to get love, you got to give love.”

From making calls in little league to minor, Cofer has seen it all but he says some things don’t change.

He added, “Every time I see a little kid and they grab my pants and asked me, ‘are you coming back next year?’ I say, ‘well I’m going to retire.’ They say ‘don’t retire until I leave!”‘

Cofer plans to keep making calls at home as long as he can and he gives all the glory to God.

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