Local tourism may change from reopening of businesses


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Governor Kemp is reopening the state of Georgia today. That means companies deemed non-essential are back in business.

We’re going to see a change in tourism on a local level as people start to explore their city again.

We’re a big foodie town. We’ve become a hot spot for films… And, you can’t talk about Augusta without mentioning golf. However, all of these productions and events came to a stop and got pushed to the second half of the year.

Augusta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau President and CEO Bennish Brown says although things came to a stop now, he has no worries it won’t pick right back up.

He says we have to take one step at a time and market local, before we can start branching out.

“We’ve heard that this will be measured. I think everything we are doing will be measured or incremental. It’s just saying, we’ll be cautious, but at some point we have to recoil and try as much as possible to get back to what this new normal is,” says Brown.

Brown knows things will be an adjustments, and he has a few questions himself, but one thing is for sure, he believes in safety.

“How does social distancing still allow for enjoyment of whether it’s watching a live performance, you know at a theater, or watching a sporting events? But I also think we will see a total commitment in everything we do towards the three S’s. The sanitation, the safety, and the social distancing,” says Brown.

He says once it’s all safe, the second half of the year will be jam packed. The CVB will be committing to events that got pushed forward as much as they possibly can.

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