Local teachers host a parade to raise spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic


HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – “How are you doing? Hey,” exclaimed Jimi Waters sitting next to her son Cal.

Teachers and many others at North Harlem Elementary school found a way to spread some cheer during the world’s health crisis with their own teacher parade March 25. 

“It’s just really special to come out and have a little fun, a little light. See some familiar faces that they know and love,” said Shellie Lutz. 

Leah Hubbard added, “It was awesome for them to able to see them and know that they still have their support even though they can’t be with them.”Right now, many students from Columbia County schools are learning from home. Teachers have provided resources for students so their education won’t be interrupted by the coronavirus. But another resource North Harlem teachers are providing is happiness. 

“I haven’t seen her in a little while during the couple of weeks and it was fun to see her,” explained Maxwell Hubbard. 

Many teachers are routinely checking in with their students through the virtual world but teachers wanted to see their students in person. Of course, from a distance. “I miss them. Now there’s a way on the computer where we can call them and see them,” said Cal. 

Have you been doing that?

“Yeah,” responded Cal. 

The teacher parade went through most of downtown Harlem and throughout many neighborhoods like West Forrest and Ansley Place. Many parents and students came out to the parade dressed in North Harlem Elementary’s colors, red and black. Go Bullpups!

“I think this a great chance for us to reconnect with our teachers. It’s hard to do that through a screen sometimes and reconnect with the community. Even at a distance. I went to North Harlem, now he goes to North Harlem, and there’s nothing like the Harlem community,” said Jimi Waters. 

Kelsey Horne added, “Supporting the teachers. Showing them we’re appreciative of everything they’re doing for us. It just really shows the community together, that we’re still well-knitted even though during this crazy time.”Hopefully, the coronavirus blows over soon so everyone can get back to their usual routines. But for now, we will continue to keep you updated with the pandemic. Whether is causing harm or causing something pleasant.


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