AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local organization is awarding more than $30 thousand dollars in college scholarships to high school seniors in our area.

$1,000 each went into the hands of 31 high school seniors.

The Zeta Xi Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated held a special ceremony Sunday, awarding scholarships to students throughout the CSRA, hoping to help further their education.

“Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated has always been a proponent of furthering your education. So we wanted to make sure that they knew that Alpha Kappa Alpha, Zeta Xi Omega Chapter was there to provide them the assistance that they needed to take that next step in their educational process” said Tameka Allen, president of Zeta Xi Omega.

The chapter also awarded financial donations to five community partners in the area they believe are making a different difference for others.

“A number of our community agencies lack funding because they are a 501 c3 and their funds and things are done by them doing fundraisers and things of that nature. We know how important they are to our community, so when you know that they’re important and the impact that they make with our children in the community, we as Zeta Xi Omega want to definitely make sure that we support those endeavors” said Allen.

“I hope what they get out of it is a feeling of support from Zeta Xi Omega chapter as well as the feeling of pride because they’ve done something to deserve this and to be honored with this. So that means they’ve worked diligently throughout their course in high school to get to this place so they should feel very proud of themselves as well as us feeling proud of them” said Allen.