Local sheriff talks 2nd Amendment and schools


The debate over gun laws and the Second Amendment has been under increasing scrutiny from those who want tighter restrictions.

Monday night, Columbia County Sheriff Clay Whittle spoke out in defense of the right to bear arms: “It’s always good that the public learns that they have to look out for themselves.”

Sheriff Whittle explained law enforcement is a necessity but can only do so much– especially when it comes to school security. The Columbia County Board of Education voted just weeks ago to guard all 31 schools  with armed officers come Fall. 

“This is where our future is: Our children, and they are in our schools everyday,” Sheriff Whittle told us. 

Sheriff Whittle said we entrust schools to provide safety– even to the degree of some teachers becoming equipped to carry a concealed firearm. 

Columbia County homeowner Lillian Smith agrees: “The more that you have that are armed the less likely we are going to have these massive shootings, especially in schools.”

Smith said in this day and time, she would want her children in schools with armed officers. 

We caught up with Georgia State Senator Lee Anderson who tells us whatever it takes to make our students safer… is what needs to be done: “On the State level, this summer we are doing a study all summer long on gun safety and safety in schools.”

Senator Anderson said after that information is collected, it should be brought to session in 2019.

And Sheriff Whittle encourages those who take a different stance on firearms to take a step back from the gun violence “hype” that is at times portrayed in the media and do research. 

“Look at the history of the second amendment: Where it came from, what the Federalist papers say about the amendment itself,” the Sheriff said. “Once they do that they will have a clear conclusion about what the second amendment truly is.”

If you are interested in learning more about gun safety, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is holding a citizens’s firearms class this Saturday. CLICK HERE for details. You will need to register ahead of time. 

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