AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) One boxer is fighting his way to the top in the ring. But before he touched gloves on the professional level, he got his start right here in the CSRA. 

“I started fighting because I thought I can fight and I found out I couldn’t as soon as I started boxing,” Professional Boxer Dominique “Lil Jalapeno” Roundtree said.

Dominique Roundtree was just 12 years old when he put on his first pair of gloves. 

Born in California, the professional boxer later moved to the CSRA and it was in local gyms where he fell in love with the sport of boxing. 

“I’ve met a lot of good people that’ve took their time with me in Augusta. Also, even now when I just got back from Houston I was working with Rayonta Whitfield of Augusta Boxing Club,” Roundtree said.

Fast forward nearly 14 years later, Roundtree gained some experience and a new name. 

“The nickname came from one of my first coaches’ sons, and he thought my very first couple fights that I was– I was very athletic, but I needed to learn more boxing technique. He said ‘you’re fighting like you’re on fire out there, you need to slow it down,’” Roundttree said.

Lil Jalapeno continued to grow as an athlete and as a person, he says mindset is key. 

“I feel like that’s a part of the discipline, is always keeping your ego out of the fight so that you can stay focused and that’s I feel like that’s why I do good, I just go out there, I give it my all and I make it spicy every time,” Roundtree said.

He tells me boxing has just become a big part of who he is today. 

“And I like to be able to fight to inspire– starting to go more viral now on a lot of videos and things like that and getting more success in my sport. I just love to be able to give back to people and show people a lot is possible if you just keep working hard.”

And he has plans for some exciting news in the near future. 

“Really tryna progress my career ‘cause I fought overseas before, I fought all over the country, and now I’m just tryna move forward into the bigger fights and really get ready to show everybody I’m the best,” Roundtree siad.

The boxer has his next competition June 10th and is hoping to put on a show for the place he now calls home. 

Lil Jalapeno wants people to know that every day is just another opportunity to keep fighting for your biggest goal no matter where or when that start is.