Local power companies prepare for Hurricane Dorian


Local power companies are tracking hurricane dorian to make sure it doesn’t impact Augusta.

Emergency Planning Communications Coordinator with Georgia Power, Adrienne Tickle, says, “we don’t know exactly what the impact is going to be on Georgia, yet. So, right now we are monitoring our resources and our crews are staying in Georgia until we are sure the hurricane is not going to have any impact on our customers.”

Even if there is not a huge impact in Georgia, our local crews may still respond to staging areas to assist hard-hit cities.

“When our crews receive those requests and are responding to other areas. They’re packing for that crew to be on the road for a designated amount of time,” says Tickle.

That time can range anywhere from days to months.

“We’ve had shorter outage times in our recent years because of our smart grid technology, but there is not a one shot of it’s going to be 24 hours, 48 hours. It all depends what the damage looks like,” says Tickle.

And Georgia Power already received requests from Florida.

“Because we don’t have a certain path for the storm yet and know how it’s going to impact the state, we are kind of in a holding pattern. We are monitoring. We are making sure that we are ready,” says Tickle.

After large scale storms Georgia Power has a damage assessment team reporting back to crews so they know what they need for restoration.

Local power companies says preparedness is a key factor.

“It’s always crucial for our teams to be prepared. Whether it is a storm that is impacting Georgia and our customers, whether it’s a storm that is impacting Florida and their customers, it is always imperative to be prepared. Preparedness is one of the most important things,” says Tickle.

If you see any down lines from the storm, it is advised to call your local power company or emergency services.

Hurricane safety tips: https://www.georgiapower.com/company/safety/outages-and-stormcenter/stay-safe-duringastorm/hurricane.html

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