AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – “They need to know that their voice matters and every vote counts ” said Joseph Wallace, Program Director for Georgia shift.

When you turn 18 years old the thought of voting may not be your top priority, but being an active voter could affect you in many ways. Getting your registration card doesn’t have to be intimidating, there are with plenty of resources to help you register to vote just before the upcoming election in may.

The Georgia shift is an initiative encouraging young people to vote in Augusta. Program director joseph Wallace says getting registered is actually an easy process.

“The state of Georgia allows you to get registered at the age of 17 in a half so if you’re six months right before you hit 18 you can go ahead and get registered” said Wallace.

There are a lot of important campaigns and some younger voters only know about the presidential election.

Political science professor Dr. Mary- Kate Lizotte at Augusta university says it’s important you know about all of them.

“Including the gubernatorial election as well as the senate election in addition to the Georgia legislator and everything so it’s a really important election ” said Dr. Lizotte

And even the ones that happen right here in the CSRA like the special local option sales tax, that is money that goes to special projects like art or park improvements.

“Only a couple thousand people in Augusta made a decision for millions of dollars and if we had students engaged in that they can decide how they want to invest their money ” said Wallace

Dr. Lizotte say because Georgia is a state that requires an exact match of identification in order to vote you want to make sure your ID matches what’s on your voter registration card.

“If you have a hyphen in you name make sure you include it if you have a middle initial on that ID make sure to include it on that registration form” said Dr. Lizotte.

She also says its important to do your research when deciding on a political party.

“You never going to find a political party that agrees with you on everything but you know which issues are important to you and which party maps on to those issues” said Dr. Lizotte.

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